Why Drive Green? The pros of switching to an EV

There are a variety of reasons electric vehicles (EVs) have become an appealing prospect of the future, and with both established and up-and-coming auto makers catching on to the trending demand for these fuel-free vehicles, more and more options will be available for you to choose from over the next few years.

Among the reasons you may want to consider an EV for your next vehicle purchase are:

1. Cost Savings. First and foremost, driving an EV will save you money, or at a minimum pay for the difference in cost from an equivalent conventional vehicle. Even better savings than a hybrid, the average cost to charge an EV is about $2-$4 for a full charge that will take you 100 miles. When using the Department of Energy’s Fuel Economy Guide to compare a Nissan Leaf to a similarly-sized Volkswagon Golf; the cost to drive 25 miles in a Leaf is a $1.02 (electricity), versus the Golf’s $3.38 (gas). You can definitely see the savings stacking up.

2. It’s Easy. Just like plugging your cell phone in at night, you plug your car in to fill up. No more stopping at the local gas station necessary; just park, plug-in, and let it charge.

3. Economic and Political Reasons. Help reduce the country’s reliance on foreign oil.

4. Environmental Reasons. You will be contributing to better air quality, lessening the need to explore for oil in wildlife and ocean areas, reducing your carbon footprint on the planet, fighting global warming, and helping to preserve it for future generations.

5. Be On Top of the Newest Technology. Just like the newest versions of the latest Apple products, technology enthusiasts worldwide are gaining excitement over the newest options available on the market.

Overall, if you are in the market to buy a new vehicle or will be soon, the many EV options out there are definitely worth a look. Keep an eye out for an extension of the EV Federal tax credit of $2,500-$7,500, as well as potential state credits that may be available this year! If you are curious about EVs, check out the answers to many common questions at Plug In America!

Do you or anyone you know own an EV? Share your experience below!

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