Brand new cheaper, lighter, 300-mile-range battery for EVs has just set records

Although most people would love the fuel efficiency of driving an EV, two of the primary concerns about driving one are low range-per-charge (currently about 60-100 miles), and high vehicle cost. These two problems may have met their solution as Envia Systems has just announced that their light-weight, 400 watt-hours-per-kilogram battery has been tested and proven to be the most powerful EV battery to date.

What that means to the consumer as the battery finds its way into the market, is a promised 50% battery cost reduction and a range of 300 miles per charge. Envia explains that this decrease in cost would bring a current $30,000 electric vehicle to the market for $20,000; a far more appealing price tag to the average consumer. The extended range would allow for consumers to drive for about as long as they are used to driving in their conventional vehicles before having to “fill up” or charge their vehicle.

This advancement may make for a big shift toward EVs in the next few years; the first real surge of EVs in the mass market. With the cost of gas already at insane levels and electricity being a far more affordable way to power your transportation, the appeal is obvious. Better pricing, just as long of a driving range as your regular vehicle, and the added benefit of not dealing with emissions? Yeah, plan to see a lot more people plugging in rather than pumping over the next few years; I can see OPEC beginning to sweat already.

What do you think about this news? Would a cheaper, longer-range EV make you consider switching? Share your thoughts below!

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2 Responses to Brand new cheaper, lighter, 300-mile-range battery for EVs has just set records

  1. Kali Whipple says:

    I would personally be much more apt to buy a hybrid if the price were lower. Thanks for the good news!

    • Kali! Sorry for the delayed response, but I feel exactly the same way about it; I can’t wait for EVs to be more affordable! Luckily it’s looking like that time may be right around the corner! Thanks for the comment!

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