The Prius family has something for everyone

When you think of the term hybrid, most likely the first name that comes to mind is the Toyota Prius. The reason for that is because the Prius has long been the most fuel efficient hybrid in its class, and the design and interior far surpass its competition. I know because I shopped the market for hybrids two years ago and the best thing out there was a Prius. As gas prices continue to go up, you may want to consider giving the newer models a look as well.

In 2012, not only is the Prius still going strong as a brand of choice, but Toyota has expanded on its target market to offer a variety of sizes and options in the line ranging from the newest and smallest member of the family, the $18,950 Prius c, to the $32,000 all-electric Prius Plug-In. The variables that differentiate each of the four choices of Prius and which might meet your needs is that of price range, MPG (or MPGe), amount of cargo space, vehicle size, power source, and horsepower. Each model seats 5 people.

Since most people are looking at these models for fuel effiency, here’s a quick overview from least to most expensive and the best fuel economy if you’re curious:

Prius c (Hybrid) Hatchback – Starts at $18,950, gets 50 MPG, 428 miles per tank of gas

Prius (Liftback) – Starts at $24,760, gets 50 MPG, 536 miles per tank (larger) of gas

Prius v (Wagon) – Starts at $27,160, gets 42 MPG,  450 miles per tank of gas

Prius Plug-In (Wagon) – Starts at $32,760, gets 50 MPG/95MPGe (average miles per tank not yet available)

Of all the models, the recently released Prius c is likely going to be the most popular as it is the most affordable. Sales beat out the monthly sales for the all-electric Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt in a matter of days.

What do you think about the new Prius line up? Share your thoughts below!

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