Will 2012 college grads be driving more green vehicles?

Crazy current prices and the promise of further increases may  be a driving factor in more fuel-efficient car choices for new grads. Considering that the first post-college job (especially in a rough economic time) is probably not going to be the most high paying, it seems like a logical jump that the young educated population might be in the market for a little Prius c or a great lease deal on other fuel-efficient models. Who wants to spend $60-$80 every time they fill their gas tank? Unless your job is within a 5 mile radius of your home or you are making six figures, not many people want to spend their cushion and fun money every month on gas.

As for myself, I am planning to relocate across the country, so I will have to return my 2010 leased Prius to the local dealer and will be back in the market for something new. I am likely going to lease another hybrid, but if the price is right I’m excited about trying an EV. Just from my rental experiences while on vacation I know that I am too used to paying half to three-fourths of what it costs to fill a regular vehicle and I’d get angry every time I had to fill one up (which of course was twice the number of times I did in my Prius at the higher price). I’m pretty much a lifer regarding fuel-efficient cars; they’ve got me.

Do you think the economy and high fuel prices will encourage the next generation of college grads to buy or lease hybrids and EVs? What are your plans if you’re graduating? Share your thoughts below!

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