3 Reasons to give up your gas-guzzler

Even as gas approaches $5 a gallon, people on the street recently questioned by media answered that prices would need to be higher than that to really offset their standard of living in any way. If people can afford the expensive SUVs and sports cars that only get 10-14 MPG and choose to buy them, why should they be restricted to only fuel-efficient models as options?

Well, in the name of all things logical, here’s a little food for thought on the matter. While there is no way to calculate precisely how many hundreds of years will remain of the current quantity of oil supply consider these issues.

1. Global Warming. Burning it at current rates over that amount of time is certainly not a bright idea unless we want to live in a bubble-world to avoid the heat of the planet like in the movie Total Recall.

2. World Population and Development. As the world population increases and developing nations have more access to vehicles, the supply will go faster, and air quality and climate issues will worsen at a more rapid rate.

3. Fight the Power. Non-OPEC member nations will indefinitely be at the mercy of whatever gas prices are imposed and we just advertised that $5 a gallon couldn’t hurt us!

We have the technology to fight (at least partially) the political battle of the gas issue, so why are the people that can afford to make the switch to more efficient cars sticking to their SUVs? And why aren’t people in every price range that are shopping for cars not immediately looking at hybrids in that category? I guess when gas prices hit $6, $7, or even $10 a gallon, it’ll be the motivation they need. Until then, OPEC will keep on getting richer and thanking Americans in the process.

What do you think will make a mass transition to hybrids/high fuel-economy vehicles? There is a breaking point; will it be in ours or our children’s lifetimes? Share your thoughts below.

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