Electric Odyssey Tour to encourage EV use worldwide

Just as I discussed yesterday in my charging station post about the growing number of stations and the ease of finding one to get you along your way, French engineers
Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy are helping to prove it. With a tagline of, “If a standard electric car can make a world tour, every single person is able to use it to go shopping,” the pair are on the North American leg of their 8-month, 17 country tour dubbed the Electric Odyssey.

The C-Zero Citroen (Europe’s version of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV) is expected to get them through their 15,000 mile journey on just over $300 in electricity consumption in about 250 recharges. The every 70-mile charges will allow them to stop and chat with the locals in each area as they power back up.

While there are plenty of charging stations in many of the major metropolitan areas, some of the more desolate areas along this adventure have proven challenging for the pair; language barriers and even an explanation of Amish culture are among the entertaining encounters. Check out this YouTube video to see how these guys are getting around. Hopefully in the near future, even less populated areas will have access to charging stations to avoid some of the challenges they are experiencing along the way. In the meantime, the average person’s use as an every day car is as easy as plugging it into the wall to get to work and back!

Have you spotted the Odyssey Citroen vehicle in your town or city? Wish these guys luck in their quest to get the EV word out to the world and follow them on twitter @ElecOdyssey to cheer them on!

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