5 Tips to Save Gas When Driving

Hating the high gas prices, but not ready to buy or lease a new car? Consider these helpful gas saving tips form the U.S. Department of Energy to lessen your frequency of visits to the pump.

1. Avoid Aggressive Driving. Rapid acceleration and braking, as well as speeding, can lower your MPG by as much as 33% on the highway and 5% in town. Give yourself extra time to get to where you are going so you can heed this fuel-saving tip and be a safer driver while you’re at it.

2. Drive the Speed Limit. For every 5 miles over 60 MPH you drive, you are wasting and extra 7% of your gas. That’s like paying and extra $0.31 per gallon at the pump (assuming a fuel price of $3.87/gallon).

3. Turn Off Your Engine Rather Than Idling. Leaving your car on when parked continues to eat up your gas at about 1 to 3 cents per minute without A/C, and 2 to 4 cents per minute with A/C. Consider walking inside to do your banking or to grab lunch from your local fast food restaurant, rather than adding to your bill or fees by wasting your gas money.

4. Use Cruise Control. This little feature given in most cars can actually help save you money by keeping your speed constant over long periods. Once you hit that freeway to commute in the morning or on that next road trip, set your vehicle to cruise at the lowest speed limit to save on gas.

5. Remove Excessive Weight. Sure that tool box may come in handy someday, but if you know you won’t likely be using it within the next week, consider leaving it in the garage. For every 100 lbs of added weight in the vehicle when driving, plan to add an extra 4 to 8 cents per gallon to your gas bill.

Know of any other handy gas-saving tips? Share your thoughts with others by leaving a comment below!

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