Best U.S. states to drive an EV; reduce your carbon footprint

There continues to be discussion over the true environmental benefits of driving electric vehicles, with many arguing that due to the source of electricity being an environmental pollutant, there is no real difference over driving a gas-powered car. A recent study by MIT-started non-profit organization the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has attempted to debunk these arguments by looking at various regions throughout the U.S. and their source of electricity.

The study found that EVs are definitely better for the environment no matter where you live, despite critics’ arguments that the much of the electricity comes from coal-burning plants; however, the areas that use other methods of generating electricity prove to be substantially better; about 45 % of Americans live in the “best” regions for EV use to make an impact.

The top states? California, New York, Oregon, Washington State, and Alaska.

Each of the states has a substantial amount of energy coming from greener methods. The worst state found was Colorado, as a majority of the state’s electricity comes from coal-burning plants. However; the primary points taken away from the study were that overall, “electric cars produce lower global warming emissions and cost significantly less to fuel than the average compact gasoline-powered vehicle.”

If your goal is to use a greener form of transportation, your carbon footprint can already be reduced dramatically by driving an EV, and as wind and solar power are increasingly used in the future, that environmental impact is even greater.

Curious about what your carbon footprint is right now? Use this free calculator to check yours out at!

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