High Schools Compete in Electric Vehicle Conversion Challenge

An annual event since 1995, the2012 EV Challenge kicked off over this past weekend running from April 21-22. The competition allows North Carolina high school students to compete in showing their electric vehicle engineering innovation ideas by converting an old model of combustion engine vehicle into a fully operating EV.

Students learn about engineering and design as they weigh various design features of their project and then participate over a two-day period with their finished product at the EV Challenge. It begins with each converted vehicle going through various technical inspections, and then the teams are tested on their EV knowledge in an EV Jeopardy event. After the inspection and game process, the team vehicles compete in a series of  acceleration, range, and race challenges.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to encourage innovation in design and helping the next generation of young people to meet the challenges the future holds as vehicle technology evolves in meeting sustainable needs.

Check out this great video that covered some of the happenings this year’s competition:

Hopefully more of these types of experiences will be developed in other areas as the interest in EV technology continues to spread at rapid pace and the need for engineers in this country continues to grow.

Do you know of any other sustainability engineering youth programs that you’d like to share or promote? Have any new ideas that could be adopted? Leave a comment below and get the word out!

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